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Ray’s separation anxiety training was working out quite well in May, and I would have comfortably left him alone for 5 mins by the end of that month.  June however has started of with a number of other areas that needed attention (just general life stuff) and, while he is certainly a major factor in our life, there are times when other priorities become necessary The end result is that we have to start training again soon, and will be pretty much back to the beginning once again!

His apparent lack of energy is being monitored and it becomes more and more likely that he is just reacting to heat and humidity. We had a cool day a few days ago and took Ray on a trail walk which lasted just over two hours and he was fine, although understandably tired at the end (as were we!).

Yesterday was quite hot but, during the evening, it cooled down and there was a nice breeze. We took Ray out and, while he did cut the walk short (probably 30 mins), he played with his old chewed up tennis ball when we got back. I would throw it, and he would take off at full speed to get it; whip it across the garden, and then go charging after it again! I really don’t think that there is much wrong with our boy!

Finally, I had promised a long time Follower that I would include a pic of a Turkey Vulture. As I couldn’t get to this topic in any other way……… Ray is still a voracious eater and will checkout anything that is lifeless and remotely edible!



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  1. Glad to hear Ray is doing OK and almost back to normal on cooler days/evenings. Mags is curled up against my shoes in the coolest part of the boat at the moment (under our little coffee table…… it’s amazing how she fits!) 🙂

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  2. Glad Ray is good..yep the humidity made both our old boys lethargic this past Summer..45c 98 percent humidity was hard..the only thing i will be glad that Forrest will not have to have another one 😦 great looking bird…love our wedgetails here..pretty inpressive birds indeed !

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  3. Glad to hear that Ray appears to be fine!! Good luck with your patience as you begin training him once again, hoping it goes well. I have never seen a Turkey Vulture, a good picture of him in mid-flight.

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