Summer in the City!

Ray really seems to love to lay down in, or very close to, flowers!

It is so nice when urban sprawl is interrupted by a large area of land which is allowed to remain in its natural state (with the exception of pathways of course!). Our town’s origin is based around a creek entering Lake Ontario which precipitated building a harbor to accommodate trade… and the rest is Oakville’s history. As that creek winds itself generally Northwards, so much of the land on both sides has been allowed to remain in a natural state.


These are the trails that Ray really seems to like, and of course they present many photo opportunities!

Considering we are “in the middle” of around 5 million people (Toronto to Hamilton, otherwise known as the “golden horseshoe”), we really appreciate these areas!

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    • Our town does have its fair share of problems (like any other town), but we do have many trails to explore which give a sense of “back to nature” kind of feeling. As we and Ray enjoy wandering around those trails, it makes for numerous photo ops!:)

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