Poor Ray!

Carol’s mobility issues, and Ray’s dedication to protecting her, is of course interfering with his walks.

She is now capable of walking a couple of blocks, but Ray would clearly love to go further, especially in the direction of our downtown where he can say “Hi” to his friends at Lululemon and TD Canada Trust Bank (and get treats of course)! He has not been downtown for quite some time  now so must be missing it!

A few days ago, and while on our (now) regular route, Carol made a right turn at an intersection while Ray started crossing over the road. He was certainly thinking of something other than Carol and so I decided to let him lead. This could be an opportunity for him to have a really long walk, and I was not going to miss it!

He reached the other side of the road and then decided to look for Carol, who was now about 20-30 yards away! He immediately made his right turn, so they were now going in the same direction, but on opposite sides of the road.

He seemed quite happy with this arrangement and was monitoring Carol every minute or so however, further down the road, and on our side, were cars and vans parked closely together (there was a baseball game in progress  nearby).

I watched him as we walked passed the parked vehicles and, every now and then, he would raise his head as high as he could to try and look over the vehicles for Carol. Other than the occasional glimpse of her through the gap between parked vehicles, he was not very successful,  and so he picked up the pace a little.

We continued at a fast trot pace and would soon be at the end of the road when I noticed quite a large gap between two small cars, a few yards ahead of us. As soon as we were alongside that gap, Ray looked up; saw Carol a few yards ahead on the other side of the road, and immediately went between the cars and crossed. I did have to restrain him until I checked for traffic, but his intent was extremely clear, and Carol was not going to get away again! He stayed within inches of her all the way home!

Poor Ray!

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