Book Update – Aug 10

Hi “Guys” – Apparently the book selling business publishes stats on a quarterly basis, so book sales information has only just come available for the 2nd Quarter (April to June) of this year. Given that “Who said I was up for adoption?” was only released in the middle of May, and being my first book, I really had no idea what to expect. How many copies are likely to be sold in only 6 weeks?

The results are quite interesting because sales in those 6 weeks consisted of 1 Hard copy, 4 Paperbacks, and 19 eBooks! Averaging sales of 4 books a week seems good to me! My sincere thanks to all of you who bought a copy, and a big hug if you wrote a review or otherwise promoted it!

According to WordPress, I have had a significant increase recently in new Followers (thank you all), so I would like to use this Post to shamelessly promote the book for their benefit! Click on book cover image over to the right for more information.

FrisenPress, when drafting up press release information commented that it “….. captures the unwavering and genuine friendship between Chappell and his dog, Ray. While Chappell thought he’d prefer to adopt a stable, well socialized and friendly dog, he ended up with a 75-pound German Shepherd/Rottweiler who displayed none of those traits! And no amount of research and planning could have prepared Chappell for the complexities of caring for this furry rescue dog. Neither was he fully prepared for the emotions and friendship they developed together. Alternating between Chappell’s point of view and Ray’s, the narrative presents their relationship’s evolution from both perspectives.”

I should also stress to new Followers that 100% of the profits from the book are being directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, being the organization that rescued Ray and put 4 months of training into making him a feasible candidate for adoption.

It is quite “light” reading so if you are a dog lover; or are curious about dog lovers; or know a dog lover; or knows somebody with a birthday coming up who would like a gift with a difference; or are somebody who is now simply curious to read about our beloved Ray ….. then the book can be ordered from any major book retailer or on-line!

Many thanks everybody for supporting this little venture!

A belated post-script! So many books about dogs have sad endings however, Ray is still very much alive; very much still part of our family, and very much still manipulating us at every opportunity! There is no sad ending!

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  1. Great news about your book! You did a wonderful job with it and its a story that will delight dog lovers. Never can get too many books that make you smile.
    So what will your second book be about? 😉

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