Squirrel Skirmish!

Yesterday was even hotter and more humid. When the sun hit the thermometer on the outside of our house, the needle wandered around the dial to 40C (104F)! That together with the high humidity made it feel as if one was walking through a heavy curtain of damp air! Some of you are probably accustomed to those conditions… but I’m not! I don’t really have a problem with very high temperatures, any more than I have with very cold temperatures. The problem is that both become an issue when there is a moisture factor!

In the afternoon, I was out in the back garden trying to keep so many plants from collapsingΒ  due to the heat and decided to have a break (cold beer!). I had Ray out with me so that he could have a change of scenery, and if he wanted to “use the facilities”… he could! I sat at our picnic table and noticed that Ray had curled up on the back porch in the shade. What a perfect situation! A cold beer in hand; a sleeping dog; and a peaceful day to be savored for as long as possible.

“As long as possible” was probably less than 2 minutes as I heard a scuffle sound from the porch and, out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw a black object moving at speed about 3 feet way and heading for a small gap in some cedars. A fraction of a second later there was a rather large brown object chasing it! They both disappeared for a few seconds, and then I saw them running across the grass with the gap between them significantly reduced. My only hope for the squirrel was if it jumped up the fast approaching maple tree and climbed out of Ray’s range very fast!

When the squirrel was about 4 feet away from the tree, it suddenly made a very sharp turn and ran back out into the open grass area and towards me! I have noted that rabbits can outmaneuver Ray very easily. They can turn so quickly while Ray needs a bit of time to get his body on the new course.Β  I would have expected squirrels, by virtue of their size, to be much the same but this one wasn’t! Ray made his high speed turn (lumps of grass being thrown into the air) and stayed probably about a foot away from the squirrel.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat and totally engrossed in the scene being played out in front of me. The squirrel made another really sharp turn (followed by Ray… and many more pieces of grass flying through the air) and headed for a another group of cedars, but Ray was now closing the gap!

As the squirrel made a dive for the cedars, Ray was reaching forward and it was only then that I realized that I should do something! I shouted “RAY! TREAT PARTY!”**Β  It served no purpose whatsoever and they both disappeared from view. A few seconds later, the squirrel appeared and made a flying leap to the top of the fence. As Ray was leaping up after it, it leaped again onto the maple tree which was again about 4 feet away.

Why the squirrel hesitated on the tree is beyond my comprehension. Ray cannot climb trees, but he can certainly jump up quite a way given the right incentive, and jump high he did. If squirrels have multiple lives like cats, then it used up one at that moment because Ray reached the squirrels spot on the tree trunk just as the squirrel leaped further up! The squirrel disappeared into the tree, and Ray wandered back and lay down on the grass.

I put my beer bottle to my mouth (yes I drink beer out of the bottle some times!), and gently tipped it up …. a bit more …. a bit moreΒ  …. and a bit more, but there was no beer! I must have subconsciously been drinking, while all the activity was going on, as the bottle was quite empty!

Time for another one I guess!

**See Post https://meandray.com/2016/07/03/tp-treat-party/

30 thoughts on “Squirrel Skirmish!

  1. Are you sure about drinking the beer? Was it not spilled or something? πŸ˜›

    Squirrels are rare and more interesting than the treats.. πŸ˜‰ And am happy for the squirrel.. And I wonder whether someone is writing out the story in squirrel’s perspective!

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  2. Ray got his exercise as the poor squirrel’s heart was probably pounding! Glad he missed it, and didn’t get it for a chew toy! LOL about the beer, you must have really been intently watching the action. Then again, you didn’t need the distraction to forget that you had drank your beer. Forgetfulness does come with age you know. πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Lexi – He didn’t outfox me at all! In fact he was not too smart but, fortunately, he was small, quick, and could jump and climb! BOL! As for the beer? No I am not allowed beer. Something about alcohol being bad for me. Woof! Ray.

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