Our Day begins …..

with construction vehicles using our street to serve local road maintenance projects.

… with a new house construction just over the road making a lot of noise, and a lot of dust as large ornamental stone blocks are being cut

I was down in the basement as usual at around 5:00am to get some work done and, as usual at around 7:30am, I heard Ray moving around overhead. He was making his way to the top of the basement stairs to meet me. I am pretty sure that he hears me turning off the lights!

Being greeted by an excited Ray is always a pleasure (he wants his breakfast!), but this morning was a little different. He patiently followed me around as I opened up the window blinds, and I noticed the outdoor thermometer showing around 18C/65F. What a huge improvement over the recent 30C+/86F+ readings! I also noticed a very happy looking garden and a gorgeous blue sky!

It should be mentioned that our recent weather has been a long series of very hot and very humid days, and rainfall has been virtually non-existent. Yesterday we had rain for most of the day and our garden has just leapt into life. The grass is a lovely green, and the surrounding plants are all happily reaching upwards.

Once I have opened up the window blinds, the routine is that Ray puts his head through the loop of his collar (We take his collar off at night), and then the back door is opened and he goes outside to do whatever needs to be done!

This morning, he went though the back door as normal but, once he was outside, he made some excited “Woofs” and started cavorting around the grass. I think of it as his “spring lamb syndrome!” He seemed to be so happy, presumably enjoying the cooler temperature, that he both forgot what he was out there to do, and the fact that he had not yet had his breakfast! In between his leaping around, his nose would go to the ground as something caught his attention, which he then tracked for a few seconds before leaping around again!

It was lovely to just watch this guy letting himself go and enjoying the conditions. It was lovely to watch him go charging around the grass clearly without a care in the world. It was lovely because I can still remember the very different Ray who introduced himself to me in February of 2013 (It’s all in his book!).

After a minute or two, he suddenly remembered the routine and promptly dashed over to one of his regular “pee spots”, after which he came charging back across the garden and up the back steps. He was ready for his breakfast!

Sharing the early morning with Ray, I can handle any amount of construction inconvenience during the rest of the day!

32 thoughts on “Our Day begins …..

  1. The vision of a happy dog running and turning without direction or purpose other than experiencing the joy of a new day is wonderful. Kloe does this regularly (of course, she’s. Pup), Kali not so much but she too has her moments. Glad to know Ray is experiencing the carpe diem (sp?) moments.

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  2. Aww! I can just picture him romping around in the grass. What a great way to start the day by you just soaking it all in. Yes, you 2 were definitely made for each other.
    We are longing for the high humidity to go away here as well! 90degrees by 10am is just a little much. We haven’t had much rain either, until yesterday when the skies totally opened up for about 1/2 hour of torrential downpour.

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  3. Sounds like a great morning for Ray!

    We’ve been detoured on our way to work for most of the summer – I’m ready for construction season to be over! Choppy and I will also regain our calm walking spot when it’s done. As it is now, we dodge trucks and equipment of all sorts in the mornings. Thankfully, Choppy is uninterested in it, but it definitely does not start the day out calmly!

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  4. Early morning has been the only time without unbearable heat. I’m so glad Ray had a fun morning. Hoping Carol is also steadily improving. I’m hoping to have time to read Rays book soon. I have a baby crochet project I need to get done soon. (End of August)

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