That face!

I think most of you will agree that Ray is very photogenic. He always seems to have something interesting to say with his general body language, and specifically his facial expressions.

His face can convey some remarkable possibilities as he twists his nose; raises his eyebrows together, or independently from each other; moves his ears a myriad of ways;, closed mouth, open mouth or somewhere in between. I guess that he is really not too much different from us, but I just never expected it from him!

I have translated his expressions into “Yippee!”, “C’mon Dad!”, “I don’t believe you just said that.”, “Listen to yourself!”, “You expect me to do what?”, “I dare you!”, “Told you it was not a good idea.”, “…. and you are the more intelligent species?”, “Are you really from this planet?” etc. etc.

The other afternoon, I was out in our driveway chatting with our neighbors. Ray was out on our front porch and leashed as usual. Attached to the driveway side of our porch is a lattice that is currently supporting a honeysuckle plant. The intent was to simply block the view of the driveway to some degree.

At one point during the conversation, I heard some sounds coming from behind me, and so turned to see what Ray was getting up to. It was a camera moment!


I have no idea what he was thinking, but probably “When are you coming back over here?”

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    • I have said just that so often, especially when I see people walking their dog while texting/talking on their cell. If they just watched and listened, they would learn so much! Instead of putting “fido” out into the garden on his own, go out with him and interact. If people would simply take the trouble to actually get to know the personality behind that doggy face, there may perhaps be less dogs escaping, abandoned, or handed over to rescue organizations.

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