The Piano Man (Dog)!

Our town has recently placed six old pianos in various parks here, and which were painted in bright colors by local kids in various Summer programs. The intent is to encourage anybody, with any ability, to sit down and play! It seems like a great and creative way of exposing people of all ages to the piano, and the circumstances of course does allow for total freedom with creativity!

We have one in a park which is about a 5 minute walk away!

2016 08 21eRED

Above: “Introducing Mr Ray (Piano Man) Charles”

Below” “Yeh! Yeh! I get the white ones, but what do the black ones do?”

2016 08 21cRED

We had a minor hitch with the piano bench. It was a little on the small side and, with also having a very smooth top, getting Ray to jump up onto it was  precarious.  Once up, his problems became more complex because when he takes a sitting position on a smooth surface, his rear starts sliding backwards! However, with my left arm holding him firmly in place (to stop him from sliding over the edge), he cooperated very well!

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  1. That is the best idea ever. Lots of talented players do not have space for a piano and it gives everyone the chance to have a go. I love the bright colours. When I played piano my cat used to push down keys with his paw in time to the music. What will be next? Moozart played by cows? 😉

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    • Hi Chris: Among the many questionable decisions that are made in local politics, we do get one of these every now and then that says imagination and creativity in local government is not totally dead! 🙂


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