Surprise! (Continued)

For the benefit of everybody, I should explain that my original Post “Surprise!” (Aug 20, 2016) was pulled as there were possibilities of sensitivities being impacted however, I am told that those possibilities have now been resolved… so the original Post “Surprise!” has been resurrected.

Yesterday’s Post covered Ray’s Gold Medal performance during our day with Alex (my granddaughter) and her boyfriend, later to be joined by Caleigh (see previously mentioned “Surprise!” Post!). If you haven’t made the connection, Caleigh is my “new” granddaughter!

We had a lovely time together and it was a delight to have not one wonderful granddaughter… but two!


Above: Alex(andra) on left – Caleigh on right

She fitted in so well and, although she was no doubt on her best behavior and probably a little tense withΒ  meeting us for the first time, it was so easy to welcome her into our family. I had a big smile on my face at one point when Caleigh and Alex were both walking behind me, and I heard them chatting away like long lost friends. It was such a rewarding time, and then with Ray being the perfect dog, what more could I have possibly asked for?

My only hope now is that we made as good an impact on her, as she did with us!

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    • It is interesting that they (granddaughters) are both starting psych programs this month, and both are interested in the creative arts aspects of application re counselling. Both “grandparent sides” of Caleigh’s new family include some very creative individuals, and both granddaughters appear to have inherited that! It is fascinating! πŸ™‚

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