Life Circumstances!

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Surprise! (Continued)

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Some people really like surprises, and some people don’t. I tend to lean towards the not liking surprises end of the scale, which is probably due to me wanting to be “on top of things” all the time. I don’t see myself as a “control freak”, but some people could be excused for thinking that of me.

This Post subconsciously started a few days ago when my son emailed me to let me know that he may have a daughter from a relationship of long ago. She had been raised by relatives of her Mum, in a legal guardianship arrangement (so not adopted), and was just recently told who her Dad was!

The other day, the surprise developed further as I received an email from a 19 year old young lady who, after introducing herself to me, explained that she was my granddaughter, and how would I like her to address me!

I immediately spent some time on the internet and found her FB page and started accumulating snippets of information about her and posing various questions to my son. I was curious to know why, after 19 years, this was being announced. I was curious to know why she had been in a legal guardianship situation rather than being adopted. I was curious to know where her biological mother fitted into the overall picture. I was curious about so many aspects of this situation, but they have all still to be explained to me! I must conclude that the relationship which produced this young lady was somewhat less than long-term.

This is a really interesting situation because there are a number of possibilities, some of which are manipulative and devious, but I am going to believe that she is simply a young lady who has reached an age whereby she can legally ask for details of her background, and now wishes to connect with her family.

Assuming the above, and I really hope that she does not prove me wrong, then the next step will be to meet with her and get some lines of communication going!  As I am her only “new relative” in Ontario, It seems that I have been delegated the task of introducing this young lady to her Dad’s family… and generally answer all her questions as best I can.

Wouldn’t you just love to get an email like that! “Hi Grandpa ……. guess who I am?

There will be more news as the story develops!