A book story!

I had an appointment at my local bank this past Monday and, as per normal procedure, I arrived there a few minutes early and let the lady on the Customer Service desk know why I was there. She asked me to take a seat while she got in touch with the person I was scheduled to meet with.

It was quite early in the morning (the bank had not been open long), and was not too busy. I think they only perhaps had 2 (possibly 3) service counters open, but I noticed that one of them was manned by a lady I knew simply from past interactions which included Ray. She was always so happy to see him, even in the earlier days when he was not particularly sociable, and usually found the time to offer him a biscuit!

She was serving a customer at the time but once he had gone, she looked up; saw me and Ray, and immediately left her counter and came over to us. She offered a big smile and very exuberant hand shake, which was quite unexpected, and proceeded to tell me how much she had enjoyed my book about Ray (details in link below).


Apparently a number of staff there bought the book on the strength that they had met the “star” (Ray) and were curious to learn more about him, but the best news was to follow!

When I first started taking Ray downtown to start socializing him, the bank was a natural choice because not only was it necessary for me to do business there, but it was dog friendly. There was one lady there who was generally on the Customer Service desk, and who was extremely supportive of rescued dogs being given another chance at life. She loved Ray. The feeling was mutual although Ray’s attachment was no doubt more to do with the biscuits that she gave him!

Anyway, she knew that Ray’s book was in progress but, unfortunately, she retired and moved away before it was published. The last, and best, bit of news which the lady at the bank gave us was that they had bought an additional copy of the book and sent it to her! Apparently she was thrilled to receive it as it brought back fond memories of the time when she worked at the bank and met our special boy!

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  1. Glad to hear your bank allows dogs. It seems like I am seeing more signs on doors that say only service dogs allowed. Maybe it is just because I have a dog that has to do errands with me because of the separation anxiety. Anyway, I bet you were glad to hear that this previous employee got a copy of your book. It was nice of the present employee to reach out and send her one.

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  2. A lovely story 🙂
    And your bank is amazing. I don’t know any here that let dogs in, except “blind dogs”.
    Also, your text is in normal font and not italic – So much easier to read! Thank you 🙂

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    • The bank situation is not normal here either- Branches of our bank are not necessarily dog friendly so I am guessing that it is up to the individual managers. As for my font? Not quite sure what was happening there, but it seemed like WP had a mind of its own. Glad it eventually settled down to normal! 🙂

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    • It certainly supports the philosophy that if you want to do something, just go ahead and do it. If you think about it too much it will probably never happen. The positive feedback, especially in these circumstances with the bank, are really gratifying. I don’t expect that it will ever be on a Best Seller list, but I have my own book “out there”, and it is a record of my buddy Ray. I am happy!


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