Cool eh!

The other day, we awoke to an overcast sky and a 25C/77F temperature with moderate humidity.  Given that Carol’s mobility is still improving, and that Ray really seems to like his long walks, we decided to walk to the Humane Society as we wanted to return a book that we had borrowed some time ago.

During the time it took for us to finish various tasks at home, and get everything ready for the 45 minute walk (treats, poop bags, water for all of us), the clouds were being replaced with blue sky; the temperature was almost 30C/85F, and the humidity was building up.

We decided to continue as planned, but take a route using residential streets in order to use the many shadowed/sheltered areas created by the homes. We stopped twice on the way there to give Ray water and, when we were about 10 minutes away from the Humane Society, we were starting to question whether this was such a good idea. We were so close however that we continued on, anticipating an opportunity for a rest there while Ray socialized with his old friends!. As we walked up the road to their building, Ray had his tongue hanging out!

Sadly, none of Ray’s friends were available, and they had  a cat in a cage in their lobby area which made it difficult to settle Ray, so we handed over the book and decided to find an eating place in that area and have lunch there. We eventually started on our return journey with regular stops for water and, by the time we arrived home, we noted that we had been out, albeit with short breaks, for close to 3 hours!

Once in the home and in the air conditioned environment, assisted with additional fans, Ray found himself the perfect place to sleep!


Under these excessive heat and humidity conditions, he often finds himself a nice place directly in front of an air vent and, if there is also a fan… bonus!

20 thoughts on “Cool eh!

  1. Awww! Now he looks like he’s cooling off with a fan provided by his lovely parents. My air conditioning went out in my third floor apartment this summer during a week spell of high 90’s with high humidity and heat warnings out. I could have gone somewhere else to stay cool, but my cat, Cino, isn’t that easy to travel with. So, I suffered through it with her. I couldn’t sleep and felt physically exhausted from it. It took me a few days to recuperate after I finally got a new air conditioner put in. I am ready for Fall. 🙂

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  2. Yule much prefers the porcelain tile in the kitchen or bathroom. I have noticed many a time when I’m outside gardening in the backyard, I look up and question where is Yule? I immediately go into the garage and find him on the concrete floor stretched out much like Ray. Nice that they can search for a cool space on their own.

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    • Hi Cupcake – I did overhear my Dad saying something about he could walk back and get the car for us if necessary! It was tiring but fun, and I had a great sleep all afternoon! Woof! Ray.


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