Farewell Summer

Typically, in our part of the world, we do experience the 4 seasons although Spring can be a weekend affair at times. Our Fall can also be very short, but it is difficult to miss it on the basis of leaves everywhere!

Given our unusually hot and humid (oppressive)  Summer this year, we are all now enjoying cooler temperatures as Summer moves on to other parts, and we look for Fall and prepare for Winter. Not only is this a wonderful time of year for us humans, but Ray loves it also!

He now displays much more interest in going for walks and, the other day, we took him on a walk of which he must have thought that he had died and gone to heaven. First stop was our TD Bank, where he was of course given lots of attention and treated to biscuits. The next stop was Lululemon where, again, he received lots of attention and more biscuits! We then took him down by the lake where there is lots of grass and vegetation in general… perfect area for an inquisitive canine nose!

We slowly worked our way along a lakeside trail where he saw lots of Seagulls, Canada Geese, and a small group of Cormorants, until we eventually arrived at a heritage property that had a lovely sloping rockery garden which was heavily flowered. A perfect spot for a dog, a camera, and a couple of humans with time to spare!


Just chillin’


It was so nice to see that spring in his step once again as he checked out everything in sight and left messages as necessary! Welcome the cooler temperatures!

33 thoughts on “Farewell Summer

  1. Glad to hear about the cooler temps, as we are still in the 90’s. It was nice, though, to step out into 68 F early this morning. Give Ray a pat and scratch behind the ear for me.

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  2. Great pictures again… but you have a great model, so how can you go wrong? Yes, so glad to have a drop in temps! Loved having my jacket on this morning, though I am sure that there will be days to come where I will probably gripe about it being cold. When I do I will try to remember how hot this summer was and I will be thankful for the difference!

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