Life just gets…

… more interesting!

A relatively short time ago, I was introduced (via Erika Kind’s Blog) to some people who were putting a request out world-wide for poems about peace.

My poem “My Dream” was accepted and included in the final product (pages 123 to 125) which is now available, and a copy is apparently being archived at Stanford University. It is so rewarding to know that another part of me will live on in some small way beyond my lifespan!


I love music of pretty much all genres, but have a particular liking to Classical pieces. When I moved to Oakville and met Carol, we decided that we should support the Oakville Symphony by subscribing to the annual concert series, and donate as circumstances allow. They are a very good orchestra and it became an annual tradition to write them a very nice letter of thanks during the year which was accompanied by our financial donation.

The letter became quite well known and looked forward to! I guess it’s one of those odd aspects of human nature that while most (if not all) of their audience enjoys their performances, very few actually express that enjoyment and appreciation to the musicians!

Carol was (today) on the Oakville Symphony’s Facebook page, and noticed a promo for “Who Said I was up for Adoption”!!! There were even a few nice comments but, the “icing on the cake” was a “Bravo Colin” from their Conductor. Just two words, and the thought to do something with them. That was very special!


These two unrelated incidents confirm aspects of life which we should always remember. If an opportunity presents itself, then take it and give it 110% and, always treat people the way you would like to be treated. I also believe that one should have no expectations as a result of showing appreciation however, when the appreciation is reciprocated, it is very special!

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  1. Thank you for motivating me. I just got off a cruise up on the Columbia River and we had a fantastic speaker on board speaking about the Lewis and Clark expedition. They were wonderful. I was thinking of writing them a thank you note (luckily I grabbed their business card) along with a small donation, and now I will put that at the top of my “To Do” list.
    On another note, my son who is a 2nd year teacher, monthly has different students in his class write appreciation notes to the custodians, office staff, etc. (Can I take credit for teaching my son that life is more than give me give me?)

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    • The frustrating part is that we all appreciate a “Thank you”; We all appreciate affirmation that we are serving a purpose; We all appreciate having our existence confirmed, so why is it so difficult for some people to say “Thank you”? It really doesn’t matter whether it is the driver who stopped his car to let you cross the road; the shop assistant who was able to help you find a product; the greeter that welcomed you into a store, or the surgeon that just successfully corrected a medical condition … they (we) are all human, and appreciate a “Thank you”, and it costs nothing except a little thought! Add a smile to that little thought and you could well be the highlight of somebody’s day! 🙂


  2. “Bravo Colin” 🙂 That is great about your poem! I remember that one and it was really good. Very sweet of the Conductor to acknowledge your achievement and I love how you send them a handwritten card each year. I am sure it doesn’t take a lot of time to do, but it is obvious that it is appreciated.
    There are so many things in life that we can do that really don’t take a lot of time, but they leave an impact on others hearts.
    Thanks for sharing and encouraging us give our 110% when we have the chance.

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  3. When I was done reading your post I noticed that I had goosebumps (still have). I am so happy for you that you got the honor of those two words. The get so much more meaningful. It is interesting when you said, that when the opportunity for something like that opens up we should take it. There was something within me that said exactly that when I came across the #poetsforpeace. I thought “what a wonderful idea but I am too busy right now”. In the same moment, I shook my head and asked myself what I was thinking here? The inspiration just flew and the poem was written within less than 10 minutes. It was the feeling of doing something meaningful that sufficed to get the inspiration going. Amazing that I felt literal what you wrote here! Now, cheers to the #poetsforpeace!!!

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