Learning from a 6 year old!

A friend of mind shared this video. Sceptics will no doubt suggest that is a fake, or it was contrived for political purposes… but I prefer to believe that it is genuine. Why shouldn’t a 6 year old boy be in a position to embarrass a large proportion of the world’s population? He is not old enough to have learned arrogance, discrimination, prejudice, hypocrisy, intolerance and greed. These are all learned traits.

This was a totally impromptu Post because of its impact on me. Perhaps it will impact you. Food for thought.

17 thoughts on “Learning from a 6 year old!

  1. So touching and oh if everyone could be wise like little children. They accept so unconditionally until they are taught not to. This reminded me of when I lived in down South for a year and worked at a elementary school. Majority of the students were black, but there were white ones as well. And you know what: they played together, ate together,etc. They saw past the difference in the color of their skin. That is until they were reminded of it. Well at least 1 little boy.

    One day I came to school and a little white boy was looking sad, I had noticed he wasn’t playing with his friend that day and wondered what was up. The words he said cut my heart when I asked what was wrong. He told me his Daddy told him he couldn’t play with him anymore because he was black. The boy looked up at me with questioning eyes wanting to know “why?” wanting to know why it mattered. I had no words as I gave him a hug, but I did assure him later that he was right, it didn’t matter and that I was so sorry his Daddy felt that way.
    I went home that day thinking of how true it is that children are so open to loving, they have to be taught to hate.

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  2. I heard about this boy and his generous spirit, but I hadn’t seen the video. Thanks for sharing it.☺
    It’s a beautiful thing. I believe there are many Alex’s in the world, they just don’t get enough attention. They do indeed have a lot to teach us. 💕

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  3. Thank you for sharing this, Colin. No matter, if that letter really exists. The message is true and the way to live in a happy and peaceful world. Let’s give everyone a family. We are all brothers and sisters!

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