All is well!

We tend to experience all 4 seasons here, although Spring and Fall can be very quick. I can recall going from Winter to Summer over the course of a weekend many years ago. Likewise a warm sunny blue sky today could well become a snowstorm within a week!

This year however, we have had a hotter than normal Summer and it looks as if we are going to enjoy a colorful Fall. There is a reason why the Maple Leaf was adopted as representative of Canada.

This pic was taken from our driveway and pointing upwards at a tree just across the road! When the sunlight hits those leaves, they really do glow.

It is a good time to reflect on the beauty around us, and appreciate that fact that we are fortunate enough to be alive to see it. When negativity is so prevalent in the media, and when all we seem to be hearing about are all the things that are wrong with the world, those Maple leaves could well be symbolic of what is right with the world.

I wonder how many people drive down our street and do not notice such a display of color? Likewise, I wonder how many people go through a typical day without spending a moment to acknowledge that there is harmony in parts of the world; that people from different cultures are living together peacefully; that most police personnel are extremely compassionate and caring; that most teenagers are responsible citizens.

Of course there are many exceptions to our desired standards, just as some Maple trees are more colorful than others, but it should not prevent us from appreciating the potential, and accepting the realization that perfection in our species went down the drain with Adam and Eve!

There are a number of current events that support the “doom and gloom” presented to us on a daily basis, but if we take the trouble to overlook the “Front Page Headlines” and the “Latest breaking News”, there is so much more going on in the world that is being overshadowed.

I saw a sign recently that said “It does not matter what you look at, it is what you see that counts.”

See all the help that is in Haiti helping with their recovery. Of course  more needs to be done, but that should not stop us from celebrating the efforts to date.  The next time that one of our trusted law enforcement personnel disappoints us with their behavior, let us see the many more compassionate and caring individuals who do not make the news! There are so many aspects of our world that are disappointing and, while they should be recognized, they should not prevent us from celebrating the triumphs of human(e) achievements.

If you happen to drive down our street in the next few days, you will see what used to be a very quaint street with small cottages on both sides; which now has large modern style houses slowly replacing the cottages; which has many young trees which are replacing the centuries old trees as they die off. You will see an area which is totally changing its image from rural to urban but, if you look hard, you will also see the Maple across the road from our home in its glorious Fall colors.

Given the choice of complaining about our changing street, or celebrating that Maple tree across the road, the Maple tree gets my attention every time. I may well look down the street at the mix of modern and traditional house designs, but I will see those leaves glowing in the sunlight. All is well in my world!l


20 thoughts on “All is well!

  1. Very beautiful, Colin! The sign you saw is perfect: “It does not matter what you look at, it is what you see that counts.” I try my best each day and in every situation to look for the bright side. There is a time to mourn of course, but joy is a choice we make.
    BTW, we also experienced a summer hotter than usual, but we don’t have a change of seasons. I am admiring it and living it precariously through your stunning tree photo.

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    • Just one smile makes the Post worthwhile! Thank you. Life is all about choices isn’t it? We can choose to make the best of whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, or we can do nothing more than complain. We can celebrate what we do have, or we can moan about what we don’t have. We can choose to do nothing with our life, or we can choose to do something. We can go into our senior years regretting all the things we didn’t do….. or we can plan on doing them now. It’s all about taking responsibility for our life and making choices. Have a wonderful day… and keep smiling! 🙂


  2. Wonderful, positive post. I love seeing the brilliantly blue sky with the fluffy white clouds, the splashes of bright colors on the trees, the rolling hills and mountains covered with greenery. I’ve been told that Virgos are grounded and close to nature, and I believe it.

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    • Thank you Amy. It is sad that so many people are totally self-focused that they do not give the natural wonders around us any time in their lives. It is sad when you listen to people with severe medical conditions expressing excitement, and yet so many perfectly healthy people are commiserating their own existence. As for Virgos? Sounds reasonable to me…. Librans are pretty good also! 🙂

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  3. It is so true, we must never forget the beauty around us. It does not change other things but it makes life a bit brighter when we are aware of it. We have a lot of those maple trees around. They are so stunning!

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