Waiting for leaves?

The leaves are just beginning to fall from our trees, and starting to build up wherever the wind blows them. Our temperatures are back to the seasonal normal, and Ray seems to be so much happier to go outside.

We recently took him on his walk and decided to go down to the lake, and then work our way into the downtown core. There were no surprises on the route. Ray was aggressively checking out all the scents along the edge of the lakeside trail, and of course leaving “messages” wherever he deemed necessary.

Once we were clearly heading towards the town, Ray’s GPS system automatically calculated the best way to get to the Lululemon store, and pulled us along (presumably to ensure that we didn’t get lost)!

A couple of large biscuits later, we were heading for home and he did …. well …. what he is very good at:


While he was on his feet for a considerable time, and while he no doubt had a full stomach, I rather suspect that he was simply seeing this as an opportune moment to wait for his leaves?

What can I say? “They’re coming buddy! They’ll be here soon, and then I will rake them into a pile so that you can leap around and be silly in them like last year!”

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