Santa – I’m Waiting!

Some local businesses were a huge help when we first had Ray. He had no social skills whatsoever and was generally afraid of people, so noting places with “dog friendly” staff became important.

Once they were advised about Ray’s situation, they generally went out of their way to make him feel welcome, with the result that he has some places that he now insists on visiting whenever he is in the area!

These attachments developed with time such that we felt a Christmas Card from Ray to those special businesses would be a nice thank you gesture for all their support. This year, we have decided to once again create a Christmas Card from Ray and distribute accordingly, and below is the picture for the 2017 card of thanks!


I think that he would make a pretty good Santa himself if pushed!

35 thoughts on “Santa – I’m Waiting!

  1. Really happy to hear local businesses cooperated with Ray and his learning process! I take my own pup, Pinella, to pet-friendly businesses every chance I get. If the dog can handle it, the public exposure truly does wonders to help them become better socialized and less anxious (over time, of course)!

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    • Dog friendly businesses were priceless as we worked with Ray. He was afraid of people and so every visit to Lululemon, the bank (etc) gave him a new perspective – that people were not necessarily out to hurt him, and bonus… they gave him treats!

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      • That is so awesome to hear! Public can be extremely stressful for some dogs, but at the same exact time it can help to alleviate some of their other anxieties (like meeting and greeting new people). As you may have read in my blog, Pinella was in training to be a service dog. I have continued her training with the intention of certifying her for therapy work instead (she is so in-touch with other’s emotions). Pet-friendly businesses slowly but surely help us achieve this goal! Very thankful for them!

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