A Diversion!

I am going to take a total diversion from my usual Posts, and take brief photographic look at Winter here! I know from odd comments made that some of you cannot visualize (or visualize incorrectly) what the world around here is like in Winter.

I do have to stress that there are many parts of Canada that get much lower temperatures, and much heavier snowfalls, than us in S. Ontario!

How can anybody not enjoy scenes like these? Of course having a large body of fresh water close by really helps!


Below: Oakville Harbour wall looks very different in the Summer and is a popular “out and back”  event for walkers. Totally impossible in Winter!


Below: Finally, our home in a typical February/March scene.


Yup…. gotta luv Canada! 🙂


47 thoughts on “A Diversion!

  1. So beautiful!The first time I took my hubby to America to stay with my dad in Philadelphia it was like that we flew on Christmas day and when we got there it was -18 Celsius which is -0.4F,The river was completely frozen over with really thick ice the next day it warmed up to -12c and then drop down again at night,the warmest temp we had was just below 0c and then it snowed again on top of the old snow and ice about a foot in 6 hours….we loved it even though it was so cold.we love the snow because we just don’t see it very often,last time we had snow for months on end was about 7/8 years ago for 2 years running,hopefully we will get some this winter but I doubt it,xx Rachel Speedy’s mum

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Lovely pictures and it gives me more a sense of what you are dealing with on your daily walks. I’m not use to snow country and just spent a week in Yellowstone where it hit minus 30 degrees one day. Wildlife was enjoying it, but us humans took cover quite quickly.

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