Canada Geese!

Canada Geese are interesting birds, and prolific poopers! They can endear themselves to you if you allow them to. Continue reading


Ice covered rocks; snow on the ground; layers of clothes; limited skin exposed to the air … and a spiked coffee as soon as I get home. Winter has arrived at last! Continue reading

Mental Health a la Mother Nature!

I spent the first 29 years of my life in England and, as many of you will know, living there always puts you within reach of an ocean or sea. It doesn’t matter where you live, salt water is not that far away. Continue reading

Almost Summer?

While we technically have all four seasons here, our Spring can be very brief. I seem to recall years when we went from Winter to Summer over the course of a weekend! Having a Friday at -10C/14F followed by a Monday at 20C/68F is a bit of an adjustment, but it can happen. Continue reading