Canada Geese!

Canada Geese are interesting birds, and prolific poopers! They can endear themselves to you if you allow them to. Watching a pair cross the road, and bringing traffic to a standstill, is always entertaining. Watching a pair take care of their young is quite remarkable, as is the show of aggression if you get too close and their escape options are limited. Watching a single Canada Goose wander around having lost its life-mate is very sad.

Our town is on Lake Ontario and has a small harbour created many years ago around an estuary, so we naturally have our local Canada Geese who spend much of their time sitting in the water and (seemingly) meditating. I would guess that when we cross over the river, which overlooks the harbour, we can usually see perhaps a 40-50 geese below us.

Earlier this week, we saw this!


The above pic really does not do our view justice, because there were many geese below us (out of camera shot), and they also occupied the water right to the harbour entrance. I would guess that there were 800-1000 geese in the water, and a stand-up paddler was approaching them from the harbour entrance … so this is what happened.

There was a mass take-off in our direction… and over our heads!

If you have heard a few Canada Geese take-off, you may remember the “wing noises” as they gain altitude. You can use your imagination as to what this sounded like to us as they flew over.

As for Ray? He just stood still and watched the whole show!



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