A Play Day? (Video)

A few days ago, Ray took us into a large grass area (would normally be a large snow area at this time of the year, but that’s another story). He spent the first 20 secs or so wandering around, but did eventually decide to play Fetch!

Those of you who know Ray’s history will understand why it is so nice to see him just wandering around at will, and playing with a ball!

34 thoughts on “A Play Day? (Video)

    • Hi Cupcake. It’s not really Fetch as such. My humans just keep throwing the ball away and making everywhere look untidy. I learned that if I pick it up and take it back to them, they pay me in treats. They are a very confused and inefficient species, but you have to love them (well some of them)! Woof! Ray.


  1. Aw It’s great to see such a happy relaxed Ray! 🙂 I know what you mean about just watching your dog behave normally – LM sniffed the butts of two dogs at dog class last week. This is a major break through for her, tho perfectly normal behaviour for most dogs! 🙂

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