Tuesday… a good day!

Yesterday started off relatively promising… it was snowing! I would suggest that “snowing” was a rather generous term to use as the flakes were very fine and just dusting over the surfaces. It was still however snow, and the day was young (11:30am) when this Post was being written, so I was looking forward with great anticipation as to what might happen over the next few hours!

Ray had a 10:00am appointment with his favorite vet (she has really good treats) so off we went. We were taking advantage of a no charge dental/mouth examination, but we also needed more of his toothpaste, and a prescription renewal for his meds.

That visit was text book perfect! Ray was excited to be going in the car and, once he realized where we were going, he started making noises which we think were of excitement. Other than saying “Hello!” to another dog there (everything very calm and amiable), he was as controlled as we would have expected given that he was surrounded by bags of food etc!

The first thing they always do with Ray is weigh him! Given his quite high intake of treats on a regular basis, we always cut back on his breakfast and dinner in an attempt to keep his weight healthy. Today he weighed 34.5kg / 76lbs – excellent!

Ray has been taught that “Check your teeth” involves Carol exposing his teeth with her finger… and then giving him a treat (the same concept works with “check your ears”). He will also usually open his mouth on request so having a dental check is relatively easy.

All the business was taken care of and we were just chatting in general with his vet, when she commented that he was their favorite German Shepherd X! Apparently they have quite a few as patients, but none are as well behaved as our Ray! She also wished that he was a bit more openly affectionate as she would love to cuddle him, but recognized that Ray would not be happy!

Reflecting on that visit to the vets simply emphasized how far he has come in 3-1/2Β  years.Β  He really is one very special dog! No wonder he was (still is) so easy to write about!

Note: Feb 1st – 7:45am – about 1 cm of snow on the ground. It’s a start I guess!Β  πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Tammi – I am pretty sure that lovers of other breeds will disagree with you, but GSD’s are certainly very special. In fact it was a GSD puppy that started me on my road which eventually led me to adopting Ray! Prior to that I was wary of all dogs as a result of a GSD biting me when in my early teens. That particular puppy grew into a wonderful 130lbs of fun. Ray is a very special dog, and given that he is 60/40 GSD/Rotti mix, I must assume that Rottweilers are pretty special also! πŸ™‚

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    • Once we had decided on the vet for Ray, we wanted him to see it as a nice place to visit so, with the cooperation of the staff, we took him there a number of times and he was spoiled with treats every time. He can still be hesitant depending the circumstances, but as long as he is reminded of their treats, he is very good! πŸ™‚

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  1. He is definitely better than most humans I know when it comes to visiting the dentist πŸ˜€ And she is right – she must have seen major changes since the visits are spaced out. You might have missed out on few considering you are with Ray every day.

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