Yesterday’s walk started off perfectly normal. We headed in the direction of our local food store, which took us past the park that Ray uses for “personal reasons” on a regular basis. From our perspective, it is very convenient because when Ray is close to his “poop” time, what better place to be than in a park where there is lots of grass and garbage bins close by!

As expected, he lead us directly into the park and headed for the shrubbery on the boundary fencing where he left one or two “messages” for (presumably) other dogs. We try and discourage him from going too far into the shrubbery because it can then be a challenge cleaning up after him as necessary. This time he was very good and just walked close enough to have his back brushed by the foliage, and seemed to be following scents around. Being a park, they were probably squirrel scents.

He then moved further down the park perimeter to where there was a group of cedars and, just like he does at home, he walked just under them so that the lower branches brushed his back. He then started to give us the regular signs he was looking for a suitable place to “poop”! Of course we try and encourage him because it’s going to happen anyway, so why not now so we can clean up after him and move on!

The cedars are lovely to see because they retain their color of course during the Winter, and their lower branches are quite soft and carry small flat leaves. A complete contrast to the various othe trees seen in our parks.

Ray was in between two cedars that are quite close to each other when he decided that he had found his spot, and started to drop into the necessary squat position. Clearly something was not quite right, because he then rather shakily reversed into one of the cedar’s lower branches. Given the height of the branch, compared to height of his rear, he actually positioned himself over the top of the branch and its array of attached leaves.

Knowing what was inevitably going to happen next, I just stood with poop bag in hand, watching helplessly and shaking my head in disbelief! How am I going to retrieve Ray’s “gifts” from a the top of a small branch?

Well… they did not fall anywhere. Three rather large stools (normal for Ray) seemed to be happily resting, albeit rather precariously, on the spread of flat leaves which had bent slightly under the weight! The immediate dilemma was how to “round them up” for capture without making matters more complicated than they already where.

The only strategy that seemed be make sense was to shake the branch and then round them up off the ground… which I did. Is there no end to Ray’s creativity in this particular area of functioning?

14 thoughts on “Unbelievable!

  1. Only you can make posts about dog’s poop be interesting! Shaking my head!
    But on another note…. GREAT JOB RAY! Try for a even harder place next time. It will make it more challenging for Colin, and it will give him more material to blog about which will bring more smiles to his readers. It is a Win/Win situation. 🙂

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    • Amy – To be totally honest with you, one of the reservations I had about adopting a dog was the task of having to cleanup after them. I certainly never envisaged creating a Blog of any sort before Ray and, as you suggested, I never thought that so much could be written about dog poop. It is a little embarrassing to put “Poop” in my Blog’s search parameter field, and see just how many Posts are in the search results! 🙂

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      • It’s ok. I know quite a few people who can’t stand the thought of feces cleanup. I had a horse and two babies, so I could pick it all up with my bare hand if necessary (scrubbing them thoroughly afterwards, of course). Hey, maybe it could be Ray who “talks” about poop in those particular blogs!!

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