Where is Spring?

In our part of the world, Spring (in name only) is just around the corner. The reality however, can be quite different and I can recall freezing over Easter, and also getting a mild sunburn over the same holiday period (different year of course)!

We currently have no snow on the ground, which makes one think that soon we can “hit” the trails again. Ray just loves to walk trails, probably because of all the new scents… and the treats he gets if he ignores squirrels! We just love taking him on the trails because, not only is he happy, but we get a wonderful break from suburbia.

We get to see a whole new aspect of nature, as all manner of birds are busy in their daily endeavors. Squirrels are scurrying up and down trees, and we are often within sight of (or at least within hearing range) of flowing water. It’s a mini-vacation and, fortunately for us, we have a number of these trails within walking distance, and a wonderful selection of different areas within a 30 minute drive. We’re so spoiled!


Photo taken in April 2015

Can we have Spring now please?Β  We’re waiting!

56 thoughts on “Where is Spring?

  1. Jacko is waiting ever so patiently for spring hiking as well! we had spring for two weeks in february, even hitting 21C, but then in froze over and snowed last night and Jack greeted his morning walk with the most mournful cry I’ve ever heard!

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  2. We had spring for two days last weekend — record-breaking high temps — and the next day we had snow, sleet, hail, wind … and it has been cold ever since. Sigh. It will be here soon … for us all. Hugs to Ray!

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  3. Lol, it does seem as though we’ve been through 4 years worth of seasons in the past few weeks, doesn’t it? I’ll walk in almost anything except high winds. Yet that seems to be the biggest problem the past few years. I’m going to have to Rico and Whiskey doggles πŸ™‚

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  4. It looks like winter here – though this weekend will be positively spring-like (almost summer-like). I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind on our seasons, though having lived most of my life here in Wisconsin, I realize this is never going to happen.

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  5. What a fine looking Companion he is. It has been really warm here this year and we don’t normally see Spring till mid March. Of course we did have that one major snow storm on Easter around 1990. Hang on, it’s can’t be much further.

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  6. Spring is such a bi-polar season. Warm, cold, snow, sunshine. Today is sunny but very windy (again). We are predicted to have a few cold days and then another warm up. Everything is out of hibernation here (for a while really). I saw my friendly (?) groundhog last week. He was wondering when I’m going to plant the stuff he likes to eat.

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