A Happy Boy!

As a continuation from yesterday’s Post (“The Smile Generator”), I had a number of pics to chose from for today’s Post, with the only criteria being that they would represent Ray accurately. i.e. potentially make you smile! What do think?

… and the view that most people get (the “You got treats?” look) when meeting him on the street.

It was interesting that, when studying his face in various photographs, I have to admit that although it seems like he has only been with us a few minutes, he is showing signs of aging.

We must treat him like life in general – Enjoy to the fullest because you just never know when your book will turn a page and confront you with the next chapter! πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “A Happy Boy!

  1. I think Prajakta touched the right word, Majestic. He has that confident air about him of an adult dog, yet you can almost see the puppy still coiled within, ready to romp. Fantastic pictures.

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