Ray’s Book Progress!

My book about Ray (“Who Said I was up for Adoption?”), has established a slow, but consistent, sales performance. A number of you have read it, or are in the process of reading it, and your reviews and/or feedback has made the whole process very worthwhile. Thank you!

To recent Followers, the book is written as a true account of all the “trials and tribulations” experienced during the first 18 months of adjusting my life to include a dog who adopted me… a German Shepherd/Rottweiler – 75lbs of attitude, plus a long list of issues!

However, as part of the adjustment process was trying to see my world from Ray’s perspective, I decided to split the book chapters into two parts. The first part would be my account of various events, and the second part being how I envisaged Ray’s perspective on the same events.

Below is a very brief extract from the book, in which Ray tells the story of… well we were trying to teach him how to play “Fetch” with a tennis ball!

Book Extract 3

Of course if you want to read more of Ray’s thoughts (or perhaps even mine), the book is available to all major book retailers around the world,  or can be ordered on-line from amazon, goodreads, the nook, barnes & noble, iTunes etc. etc. It is available in Hard Cover, Paperback and eBook formats.  Click book cover link in column to the right (and maybe up a bit!) for more information.

10 thoughts on “Ray’s Book Progress!

  1. Even though I’ve had Sam since he was 2 (9 years now-whew where did the time go), he still looks at me as if I’ve committed the biggest faux pax ever if I toss a toy or ball for him. His immediately reaction must be “you threw it, you go get it.” Never fear, Ray…ball chasing is clearly overrated. 😉

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  2. I remember that story in the book. I was laughing at Ray’s description of the game 🙂 That description of what he was thinking was probably very accurate. I also would have enjoyed being your neighbor and being able to have a front row seat in watching you and Carol play with the ball. 🙂

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    • Hi Dorinda. I hope you do because, based on your various Posts comments, I think you will really enjoy it. It is quite light reading, but is a bit of an emotional “roller-coaster ride”! 🙂

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