Ray’s Jump!

Not long after Ray moved in with us, we took him on a trail walk. We thought that, as he had spent some time as a stray, he would probably be very happy a little closer to nature. I think that we were right and, to this day, he seems to love trail walks and spends a lot of time just checking out all the scents; the shrubs, bushes, trees, and the wild grasses.

For the first trail walk with him, we took him on one which is a 15 minute walk from our home. It is a relatively short trail, but its attraction is the scenery that it offers.  As the trail is probably well over 100ft above a river, there are some lookout platforms so one can admire the view.

Below are two pics (taken yesterday) of the platform which we stopped on with Ray in 2013. We have recently had a fair bit of rain so the river is carrying a lot of sediment and is a brown color which makes it blend somewhat with the brown surrounding area however, the pic below should give you a sense of our platform height. The river is way down and over to the right!

This next pic shows the river a little better, and shows the sheer drop (and the tops of some trees) at the end of the platform.

With those two pics in mind… that is the platform on which Ray, on his first trail walk with us,  decided he would jump through the wood rails! All the details, including why he is still alive, are in his book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”

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    • Brave is not the word I would use to describe a dog who jumps over a piece of wood when there is no place to land on the other side! Fearful? Not really because adrenaline kicked in. There was a job which had to be done, and very little time to do it. The emotions relating to the event came later!

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