In just 2 days!

In just two days, we have gone from Spring… to something closer resembling Winter! Last Wednesday (April 5th), we took Ray on a walk through a trail system which is a short drive away. He has been there a few times and as soon as we were nearing the parking area, he started to vocalize his excitement.

Once on the trail, we could only imagine all the interesting scents he was picking up based on the relatively slow progress we were making.  He was however doing what was important to him and the walk was, after all, planned around him!

Above: He eventually agreed to pose for a pic!

Below: Now he was getting really cooperative!

Two hours can be easily absorbed by just following Ray around trails, but we had a very tired dog going back home with us!

Today (April 7th), it is snowing! Next week? Well if our weatherman is correct, we will be having lots of sun and temperatures in the range 18-20C/65-68F!  Shorts and tshirt? Jeans and sweater? Winter layers and boots? With the exception of rain, which Ray is not too enthusiastic about, we know that regardless of what Mother Nature gives us, we will be out in it with Ray!

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  1. Our weather is following the same extremes. No snow, but cooler here the last couple of days, and in upper 70’s F starting tomorrow through Easter! Great shots of Ray! It seems he is starting to appreciate his role as a celebrity.

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