Photo Out-Takes!

Every now and then I watch a movie and there is a file on the DVD which contains the out-takes. These are usually the scenes that totally misfired for a variety of reasons, but were of good entertainment value anyway!

In this age of digital photography, and given that we no longer have to consider wasting film, I assume that I am quite normal in that I take quite a large amount of photographs even though I am looking for perhaps 1 or 2 really good pics of a given situation.

Many of you did see the pic (below) of Ray and I reading his book…

… but have you ever wondered what pics you did not see!

Below: He was not exactly excited with the idea of pretending to read the book about him!

Above: “Colin – I really think that this would be an excellent time to renegotiate the terms of my contract! Don’t you?”

Below: “Okay! Okay! I’m just being enthusiastic! That’s what you wanted right?”

I’veΒ  heard of people in the entertainment business complaining about the quality of talent available. Perhaps they have a point. Ray looks good, but getting him to cooperate can be a challenge!

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