Dog adopts Human!

Below is an excerpt from my book about Ray “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”

Context: I was outside our Humane Society, and  in a squat position with my back against a fence, when Ray started walking directly towards me, and somewhat menacingly. He was clearly on a mission!


“Based on blind faith that this dog would not hurt me without some reason, and as I had not knowingly given him such reason, I stayed in my squatting position and watched him come closer and closer until he stopped literally inches from my face and looked straight at me. As I looked into his big brown eyes, I recalled reading somewhere that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. If that statement was correct, then our souls connected for a brief moment, and then he gently reached forward and touched his nose to mine, turned, and walked away.”

(I was adopted!)

“Why did a simple nose touch have such a profound effect? I believe it was because, whereas I have known many animals over the years, this was a new experience. Other animals have expressed tolerance of me, usually based from a need for food or attention, but that simple nose touch was a planned and executed move on Ray’s part. He was not only showing that he was comfortable with me but, more importantly, he wanted a relationship with me.”


Ray’s perspective on this event was recently Posted here:

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  1. Some dogs are proactive. The Molly chose us in a similar fashion. We went into PetSmart to pick up cat food for RC cat who had firmly stated “No Vacancies”. We weren’t really looking for a dog as we keeping available to foster The German when she needed a quiet R&R or a safe place when her Person had to go out of town for training. (RC cat approved visitor)
    But there was what looked like a German Shepherd in an adoption cage and she was staring right at us down the aisle…but a family was seriously considering her and went outside to talk about it. Molly (who was recovering from surgery from abuse) basically crawled into my lap once the door was open. When we shuffled like we were getting up, she carefully put both front paws into my tote purse. She had chosen (and actually the adoption people were relieved as we had a taller fence and one of us is usually home most of the day…we’d had problematic large rescue/abused dogs before and there were no kids.) Obviously the dog had expressed her opinion.(The family did come back, but too late with papers all signed)
    Ray is an old soul who knew you were it.
    Nicely done, dog and writer

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