Beware the Easter Bunny!

The Ides of March had great significance long ago for the Roman Empire, and specifically for Julius Caesar, but let us not ignore the Easter Bunny of current times!

Carol, being generally the last one to go to bed, will go out with Ray so that he can do whatever he needs to do before settling down for the night.

I am usually the first one up in the morning, so I take him out for his morning pee, and then chase him around the garden for a while… which usually results in his first poop of the day!

Because of that “scheduling”, Carol will often leave a note for me.Β  Perhaps she had reason toΒ  believe that a skunk was hanging around and wanted to give me advance notice. This morning, I was greeted with a note.

When she was out with Ray last night, the flashlight reflected off something. We have had isolated cases of bits of glass coming to the surface so reflections are always investigated. This time it was a chocolate egg wrapping! Her note detailed the location so, before I let Ray out this morning, I went out and started looking for possible chocolate pieces in among all the brown leaves that are currently covering the planted areas… which is where Ray does everything that he needs to do!

Either I overlooked them or there were none there but, based on Ray’s behavior, I am comfortable with the conclusion there were none there.

Given that it is quite common for homes with children to have the Easter Bunny visit and hide eggs around a garden, and given the instincts of an average squirrel, it is probably not unusual for an isolated egg to be overlooked and a marauding squirrel take care of it and bury it for later. That immediately presents the possibility of a dog coming across it, or bits of it!

The hazards of dogs eating chocolate is well documented, and there are varying degrees of risk depending on the chocolate and the size of the dog.

Our perspective on this is to minimize the risk to “0” if possible, rather than deal with regrets later.

Beware the Easter Bunny – It knows not what it does!

28 thoughts on “Beware the Easter Bunny!

  1. Maybe the Easter Bunny doesn’t know the risk of chocolates to dogs. My first schnauzer ate a pound box of chocolates while I was downstairs grooming dogs for Christmas. She puked a lot, but was ok. She also survived eating rat poison, but that’s a story for another day.

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  2. My neighbor’s lab found an open box of Godiva’s chocolates and devoured them, foil wrapping and all while neighbor was at grocery store. The dog was taken to the vet who pumped Shasta’s stomach and all was well. However, under each bush in my yard, Shasta’s “gifts” had silver linings!

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  3. Our Mikey (our dog before charlie) once ate an entire pound box of chocolate that was wrapped as a gift in a pile of gifts under the christmas tree. He expertly removed the box from the middle of the pile without disrupting any of the others, unwrapped the gift wrap and cellophane and box and ate them all. Thankfully never got sick! Scared us, but we were lucky.

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