March 15 2013!

On this day in 2013, we took Ray home with us. As many of you know, he was very different from the dog that I envisaged having as my first dog! In fact the only criteria he met was that he was a “good size dog”! It is all now history, but the question often comes up “Did you adopt Ray, or did he adopt you?”

I had been meeting Ray on a daily basis as I tried to make up my mind whether he was a dog that I wanted in my life. It was quite a complex process for many reasons however, one day, while in a fenced-in area at our local Humane Society, Ray did take charge.

The following is an extract from my book about him (click book cover over to right for more information), and is how I imagined he would tell the story of how we got “attached”!


He was talking to me a little, while gently stroking me, and then I wandered off as I normally did. When I was across the other side of the tiny field from Colin, I looked across at him. He was squatting on the ground with his back against the fence just watching me in a very friendly way so I decided that this was the time. Our head heights would now be about the same which was important to me.

I started slowly and very deliberately walking towards him and, while I did sense some concern on his part, this was my big chance. I walked right up to him and, after looking at him straight in the eyes for a few moments, I gently touched his nose with mine. What clearer message could I send?

Obviously something didn’t go as planned because he didn’t react at all! I expected him to be really happy and maybe show a little excitement, and perhaps even stroke my ears gently or give my back a good rub. What was his problem? Perhaps he didn’t want me as a friend, but then why would he keep coming back to take me out?  Humans are very odd!

The next day, he was much friendlier. Whatever changed him was fine with me because I could sense that he was so much more relaxed and seemed really happy to see me again. Of course I just wagged my tail! Perhaps he has never known a dog before? Who cares? We could be friends now!


If you would like to read my side of how it all came together, then you will have to read the book!  There are five “5-Star” reviews at and two “4-Star” reviews at The link below takes you to the Friesen Press bookstore:

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  1. I have a feeling if we could hear what our canine friends thought, we’d feel even more loved. The felines, though….I think I’d rather not know (I’d like to keep believing that Samantha loves me very very much….and not just because I give her treats)! 😄

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    • I recall very well my feelings as I watched him quite deliberately coming directly towards me. My only rationale for not moving was that I was not aware that I had done anything to warrant aggression. 🙂


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