… and there he was!

Ray, like most other dogs (I am assuming!) is extremely routine driven. As long as things happen at the same time every day, and in the same sequence, then all is well in his world. Change the sequence and he is a little perturbed and tries to resolve things in his own way. Delay an event and he will soon be nudging whoever he sees as the person responsible.

After our dinner, it is our routine to watch TV (e.g. Big Bang Theory) for a while. Within an hour or so of eating, it is not unusual for one of us (some times both of us) to doze off while on the sofa. Ray knows this routine very well and curls up in “his” (?) chair and watches us.

The other evening, Carol was on her iPad when she suddenly looked up… and saw this!

A quick click on the iPad and here we have a study of Ray getting a head start on the doze routine!

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  1. Nice chair Ray’s got there. While Lexi loved routine, she was the most flexible dog (routine-wise) I ever had, especially if there was something in it for her. She campaigned every night to get her dinner earlier.

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