“Just a Rose” presentation

“Just a Rose”, a poem from my book “Just Thinking”, is one that I am particularly attached to as it took very little time to write. That does not happen very often! It focuses on the simplicity of a rose’s life as compared to the complexities of our own… and ends with a prevailing question of life fulfillment.


23 thoughts on ““Just a Rose” presentation

    • Well thank you so much Laura for both posting it on your Blog, and for ordering the book. Assuming you enjoy reading through it (of course you will!), then please consider writing a review on amazon. Reviews are so important especially with unknown authors. 🙂


  1. Oh yes…not only was I going to reply specifically to your spoken word poem (and ask if I can post it on my blog in the near future), but then Mike Oldfield came up in the conversation…a guy of and before his time and still cutting the edge…
    I am skewed towards instrumental music, so his compositions always have something to say to me…

    Your ‘Rose’ is lovely – perhaps a ‘peace’ rose visually?

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    • Hi Laura. Please feel free to use the Post in your own blog, but please mention the “Just Thinking” book as it is a fundsraiser for my daughter (she gets 100% of royalties) who has serious health issues, and so any publicity is really welcomed. Many thanks. Colin.

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    • Thank you Chris… and I am a great Mike Oldfield fan and know the “horseback” piece that you refer to! For readers who have no idea what this is about, the “horseback” piece is the final “track”*** on Mike Oldfield’s “Ommadawn” recording. It is one of my favorite albums and is almost completely instrumental but, with a little imagination, one can easily create a story to go with the music!

      *** “Ommadawn” has no track separations per se.


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