Hot Dog? (Not!)

Our weather has settled down to typical July (on Aug 1!), with temperatures technically in the high 20’s C (low 80’s F) but, with a high humidity component, produces feelings of high 30’s C (high 90’s to low 100’s F)! An air conditioning system is a huge advantage, as are local air conditioned shopping malls for those who do not have it at home!

I cannot imagine the life of a stray dog in these conditions. All they can do is find a sheltered place and hope to be able to stay there until the temperature drops! Even at night, the humidity makes moving around outside a labored activity!

Ray is one of the more fortunate strays, in that he was captured by a Humane Society and then taught how to behave in an adoption situation. The rest is history and I really don’t think that he has ever had cause to look back at his earlier life with any regrets about his new life!

Here he is…. the sun is merciless outside!

Just the weather for napping, and generally taking things easy!

39 thoughts on “Hot Dog? (Not!)

    • Could be Ron, but given that Ray was initially afraid of people in general… and was particularly disturbed if they were holding a broom, shovel, branch, or anything resembling a stick (we had to avoid people with walking sticks), then I suspect that his bad dreams are more sinister!


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