“The Story”

I was exposed to a lot of Classical music in my early years. In my teens, I became a regular customer of our local Folk Club, and the political climate of the times produced a proliferation of “Protest Songs”, and “Social Conscience Songs”.  I started to lose touch with modern music in the 90’s and on… but every now and then I would still hear a song which would get my undivided attention. In 2007, “The Story” was such a song, and the initial attraction was Brandi Carlile’s raw and attention getting emotions during the song! Enjoy!

15 thoughts on ““The Story”

  1. Brandi Carlile is another special singer to me, but not just because of her music. Her “Looking Out Foundation” that originated in 2008 is such a worthy endeavor for one so young. The new “Cover Stories” is a must have and I will. Colin, once again your music choice is outstanding. Thank-you!

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  2. Thank you for another great song. You said it exactly right, “raw and attention getting emotions”. The song really does grab your attention and you can feel her heart. I will admit that a lot of times I prefer a smoother voice, but with this song, her voice is perfect!
    Now I think I will listen to it once again. 🙂

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