My Dog Alarm!

Regular Followers may remember that my early morning routine is to get up around 4:30-5:00am (just because I am totally awake!); spend an hour or two on the computer (which then sends me to sleep), and go back to bed around 6:00-6:30am!  It works for me! I will generally wake up again around 7:00-7:30, and my first task is always to go outside with Ray, and then give him his breakfast.

There are frequent occasions when I have woken up around 7:15am and found myself looking directly into Ray’s big brown eyes, as he then nudges me with his nose (presumably for a second time).  Given that he is standing on the floor right next me, and I am on my side, he can simply reach forward over the bed. It is a very effective way of saying “It’s time! Get up!”

Yesterday morning started off as usual. I was on the computer at 4:30am, and back in bed just before 6:00am. What happened next was a “first”!

I woke up and found myself on my back and looking directly into Ray’s big brown eyes as he stood over me. He then lowered his head; gently butted my face with his nose, and then turned and jumped off the bed where he was clearly waiting for me to follow him.

I can only guess that he decided he could not reach me from the floor at the side of the bed due to me sleeping on my back, so decided to take another approach. He must have been so gentle when jumping up onto the bed as his almost 80lbs will certainly impact the mattress!

Who needs noisy and obtrusive alarm devices when you have a Ray!


50 thoughts on “My Dog Alarm!

  1. I have to agree with you — who needs an alarm when you have a dog who operates right on schedule every morning?! I always say, there’s not much better than waking up to a dog by your side! What wonderful creatures!
    I recently stumbled across your blog page and am in awe of your admiration for Ray. I can only imagine how much he loves and adores you! 🙂

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  2. I am looking forward to that. We rescued a 3 year old terrier mix back in April, let him have the run of the house, then discovered he had an overnight pee habit, on our living room carpet. We had to put him back to sleep in the crate, just until we all get ourselves right.

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    • Pee habits can be difficult to change due to the scent. You must remove it completely! We always take Ray out for a pee before going to bed and that has worked fine. During his time on Prednesone, when he was peeing every 1-2 hours throughout the night, our alarms were set and Ray never “misfired”. I would assume that your “guy” either has a bladder issue or something is going on that is bothering him such that he has to pee. If you can track down the problem, you could well have the solution! 🙂

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      • We don’t know much about his early life, but he seems to have some anxiety over ordinary household items…brooms, newspaper, spatulas, it gives us some idea of how he was treated ? We’re hoping it was just an adjustment period, and he’ll relax with us. Fingers crossed.

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        • Totally understand. Ray was totally averse to brooms, shovels, walking canes, sticks and the like. He would panic and become very aggressive so we are pretty sure that he received some rough treatment at some time in his past.

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