“Old and Wise”

I love pretty much everything about this song – the melody; musical arrangement; vocal presentation and, best of all, the lyrics are interesting and rather thought provoking! Continue reading


Sometimes the most perplexing lyrics can prove the most interesting, and put those same perplexing lyrics with a lovely melody and vocals and ……………………….! Continue reading

“She used to be mine”

One very surprising bonus from Blogging, is the possible indirect connections that can be made, and which can be very rewarding.  I was introduced to the songs of Sara Bareilles by the partner of one of my regular Followers (thx Brad), and loved this particular one. Continue reading

“Forever Autumn”

I have always been a Moody Blues fan, and particularly liked Justin Hayward’s vocal and song writing contributions. I came across “Forever Autumn”  quite by accident, as it was sung by Justin Hayward on the “War of the Worlds” album (Jeff Wayne) – an excellent album to listen to, by the way, in complete darkness! Continue reading