Bacon ‘n’ Egg McMuffin!

We took Ray on a walk the other day for a lunch time visit to McDonalds, which is about a 20 minute walk to get there . They do allow dogs on their outdoor patio but, as it was in full sun, we sat on a rock in the shade of a tree alongside the parking area. It was not the most romantic or picturesque spot… but we were at McDonalds after all!

Ray was very happy to get small pieces of Bacon ‘n’ Egg McMuffin periodically!

41 thoughts on “Bacon ‘n’ Egg McMuffin!

  1. Max learned early that some drive-through windows equal food but he has never grasped that some drive-through windows do not equal food. That means he practically leaps out of the car when we drive through the bank, the pharmacy, the cleaners and elsewhere. He gets a very disappointed look on his face when he doesn’t get a food treat from these establishments.

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    • Ray had the same problem with glass doors. The first few places we took him into (Bank, Pet Store, Vets, Lululemon) all had glass doors and all gave him treats. He made a very logical deduction… which was totally flawed!


  2. Benjamin is thrilled to see Ray this morning and loved this story about McDonald’s! He says he would give Ray the bacon that comes with his eggs and hash browns, even share the eggs too. Sharing is a big thing with Benjamin! Ray is one gorgeous bundle of fur!

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    • Perhaps you should explain to Benjamin that Ray would eat all of his muffin if he had the slightest chance…. and he does not share! We even have to be careful when we are talking while holding food because, if we happen to wave the food holding hand in his direction, he is likely to think that it is for him…. and he is so fast at taking food that it is gone before you realize what happened! You will just have an empty hand and a smiling Ray! 🙂

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    • We get our very own muffins Kate, but then Ray sits and stares; taps us with a paw; drools profusely… and so the sharing starts! He does not expect much, except a couple of tiny pieces of bacon; a bit of egg would be nice; that cheese that is stuck to the wrapper is welcomed; any bits of muffin left? 🙂

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        • Hi Kate. Ray’s total obsession with food is a “double edged sword”! On the one hand, teaching him some behavioral skills to adapt to his new life was not a major problem, but also meant that to keep his weight under 80lbs would need some planning! Ray expects his 2 regular meals a day, and will get many other treats on a typical day as his adjustment to people and other dogs is an ongoing exercise. He now really likes meeting other dog people because they will invariably have treats on them… and he will find them! The end result is that we will never give him a complete McMuffin, or donut, or anything similar (and he does not complain as long as he gets a little something!).


  3. Mine is partial to a sausage and egg McMuffin and the hash brown when she can sneak one first thing. Loves it when we turn into the drive-thru and has her head stuck out the window giving it “Hiya… hiya gimme some food you give out food don’t you? Hiya”

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    • Ray’s big head does cause a stir at times as we go through our local Tim Horton’s drive-thru. As you note, his perspective would simply be that they hand out food through that little window! Heaven! 🙂


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