The book about Ray!

One of the frequent comments made by people after reading “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, was how much they liked reading Ray’s perspective on things. When the book was being written, the intent was to write a simple autobiography, but then the idea came that Ray’s perspective would add a whole new dimension to his story.Ā  Is it still an autobiography?

As the story of Ray started to come together, I realized that within certain events with him, there were often happy sub-events. Putting that another way, there were an increasing number of stories within the original stories. The decision was made to isolate them and note them as “Smiley Moments” for when they made me happy, and “Tail-Wag Moments” for when Ray was happy. It seems to have worked extremely well!

Below is a “Tail-Wag Moment” from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”

All profits from “Who said I was up for Adoption?” will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (who initially took care of Ray), and the book can be purchased direct from Friesen Press, or from online book retailers like amazon, barnes & noble, goodreads etc. Click book cover in right column for more information.

28 thoughts on “The book about Ray!

  1. What I love about the parts in the book that are of Ray’s perspective is the fact that to get Ray’s perspective you must of paid attention to him. I mean REALLY paid attention to him. To me this is what all of us should do. If everyone truly looked at an animal’s possible perspective (because, of course, we are still observing & guessing for the most part), I think we would have a lot happier animals in the world and would be treating ALL animals differently (including farm animals, animals in entertainment, etc.).

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    • I really don’t know quite what he thinks of me, but probably sees me as a delinquent pack member because I don’t always respond to his wishes. He has however witnessed me blocking a number of “challenging” dogs, and he was well aware of what I had to do to retrieve him from his thoughtless jump through the railings of a high level lookout platform. That could easily have been the end to his life. (Full story is in his book).


    • Hi Martina. I do hope that you get an opportunity to read “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” It was a very interesting book to write because I went from knowing nothing about dogs, to bringing almost 80lbs of rescued attitude into my life. The book covers the first 18 months of living together, which was an emotional roller-coaster. Ray had a lot of issues, and I needed a lot of education… and it’s all in the book. Enjoy!


    • Hi Prajakta – Yes I am sure he just sees us as the “hired help” and the local entertainment. Some of the looks on his face as we go through our day are priceless, and we can only guess what he is thinking!
      All is well here, especially now that our heatwave is over and the temperatures are more reasonable. šŸ™‚


    • It seems so peculiar when you try to see it from the dog’s perspective! I remember being told never to shout at a barking dog (if you want it to stop barking) as so many dog owners do, because he thinks you’re just barking with him/her! Perspectives are a wonderful thing! šŸ™‚

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