“Take My Hand for a While”

What can I say about Buffy Sainte-Marie that has not already been said? Perhaps I will just keep quiet… and listen.


Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, just for the sake of my broken heart. Look into my eyes and maybe I will understand how the love I counted on was never there. You see, I thought that you might love me. So you caught me, it seems, off balance with a heart that’s full, of love and pretty dreams that two should share. And so, I know, but please before you go….. Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, Just for the sake of my broken heart.


14 thoughts on ““Take My Hand for a While”

    • Well this was a total surprise and a real pleasure (and also a little suspicious) however, assuming you are who you claim to be… then I am thrilled. I was introduced to your songs many years ago in England with “Now That The Buffalo’s Gone”, and have quite a collection of your music. As for Francois Hardy? I loved her song “All Over the World”, but her later recordings did little for me as I found her voice lacked strength. Thanks for dropping by Buffy. You just created an awesome ending to an otherwise very frustrating day. 🙂


  1. I remember very well when this was released in 1968. I was a senior nursing school student that had just been dumped by the “love of my life”. I played this song over and over as I cried and cried. Then miracle of miracles…he came back! I have not thought of this song in nearly 50 years and it is still as sadly beautiful as when I first heard it. Thank-you!

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