“Take My Hand for a While”

What can I say about Buffy Sainte-Marie that has not already been said? Perhaps I will just keep quiet… and listen.


Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, just for the sake of my broken heart. Look into my eyes and maybe I will understand how the love I counted on was never there. You see, I thought that you might love me. So you caught me, it seems, off balance with a heart that’s full, of love and pretty dreams that two should share. And so, I know, but please before you go….. Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, Just for the sake of my broken heart.

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    • Well this was a total surprise and a real pleasure (and also a little suspicious) however, assuming you are who you claim to be… then I am thrilled. I was introduced to your songs many years ago in England with “Now That The Buffalo’s Gone”, and have quite a collection of your music. As for Francois Hardy? I loved her song “All Over the World”, but her later recordings did little for me as I found her voice lacked strength. Thanks for dropping by Buffy. You just created an awesome ending to an otherwise very frustrating day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hi Colin,

      Thank you for sharing โ€œTake My Hand for a Whileโ€. Buffy Sainte-Marie has quite a distinctive voice with a somewhat unusual vibrato.

      I not only agree with joyroses13 but also like to share with you the song entitled “Stranger In Paradise” whose lyrics also start with “Take my hand”. Please enjoy!

      Take my hand
      I’m a stranger in paradise
      All lost in a wonderland
      A stranger in paradise!

      If I stand starry-eyed
      That’s a danger in paradise
      For mortals who stand beside
      An angel like you!

      I saw your face and I ascended
      Out of the commonplace into the rare
      Somewhere in space I hang suspended
      Until I know there’s a chance that you care!

      Won’t you answer this fervent prayer
      Of a stranger in paradise?
      Don’t send me in dark despair
      From all that I hunger for!

      But open your angel’s arms
      To this stranger in paradise
      And tell him that we need be
      A stranger no more!

      According to Wikipedia: “Stranger in Paradise” is a popular song from the musical Kismet (1953), and is credited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. Like almost all the music in that show, the melody was taken from music composed by Alexander Borodin (1833โ€“1887), in this case, the “Gliding Dance of the Maidens”, from the Polovtsian Dances in the opera Prince Igor (1890). The song in the musical is a lovers’ duet and describes the transcendent feelings that love brings to their surroundings. Later versions were mostly edited to be sung by male solo artists.

      Happy mid-November to you!

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  1. I remember very well when this was released in 1968. I was a senior nursing school student that had just been dumped by the “love of my life”. I played this song over and over as I cried and cried. Then miracle of miracles…he came back! I have not thought of this song in nearly 50 years and it is still as sadly beautiful as when I first heard it. Thank-you!

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