Ray’s Christmas!

The “big kid” late Christmas Eve. He was trying so hard to keep his eyes open. He would obviously have no idea what was going on but, due to a few changes in routines and decor, he would have known that something was up!

Sleep eventually won, and he missed seeing Santa, but he still got a bag of huge biscuits. He was happy on Christmas Day morning, and even happier later when he smelled the turkey!

19 thoughts on “Ray’s Christmas!

    • HI Monika – Yes we had a lovely time, even though we dipped into a deep freeze situation with our weather. We are looking at -30C/-22F tonight, and a slight warming trend starting in about 10 days… so 2018 is starting off quite different! 🙂

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  1. Benjamin says : “Ray is so cute!” and hopes he got “lots of treats.” We had two happy dogs at my house on Christmas, my son-in-law cooked steaks on the grill (in the snow)! Two legged and four legged beings were delighted! Everyone decided that steak beats my baked ham…a new tradition is born! Love Carol’s snowmen, they were my theme this year (revisited from 1996). Thank-you for sharing Ray’s Christmas!

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  2. Yay on Ray’s bag of huge biscuits! He deserved them. 🙂 Glad that Santa made it to your house. Did Carol and you catch a glimpse of Santa or did you miss seeing him like Ray did?
    I like the cute stuffed Snowmen under your tree.

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