“Happy New Year”

Many of you already know that I have quite a large, and varied, collection of music. It is stored in iTunes, which gives me the ability to rate each piece on a 1 to 5 star rating. A 1-star track is likely to be removed to save space! A 2-star track is also in a rather precarious situation. Anything that is “quite nice” gets 3-stars; 4-stars goes to really nice tracks, and a 5-star rating? That means I love it!

I have always liked the ABBA  sound, and still play many of their songs but, while they have a large number of 4-star tracks, there are only a few that have 5-stars. The problem I usually have with Abba, is that I love the harmonies and the melodies… but the lyrics often leave me a little disappointed.

Given the time of year, and it is a Saturday after all, I  wanted to link to an appropriate song. What could be better than one (from 1980) which includes the chorus line:

Happy New Year
Happy New Year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbor is a friend

Great harmonies + great melody + above lyrics = 5-star right? For me, really borderline because much as I love everything else about this song, the rest of the lyrics are…. well… you decide!

Note: The fireworks intro lasts to around 55 secs.

Perhaps I was thinking of a simple celebration song, rather than a philosophical one????

28 thoughts on ““Happy New Year”

  1. I did enjoy the fireworks and the chorus, but yes have to agree with you on the lyrics. Just not as deep as the other songs you normally post on here. But still glad that you shared it, for the chorus does have a happy feel to it.
    Happy New Year to you and Carol and Ray of course! I do believe exciting things are coming in the New Year, eh? 🙂

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  2. I have always loved ABBA, but must agree about the lyrics disappointing given that the melodies and harmonies are so good. The chorus of this song makes the rest of the lyrics tolerable, I vote the other parts a 5-star rating. I must admit that at times the lyrics don’t matter to me, if the music is pleasing to the ear. Thank-you, always enjoy your thoughts and music! A very Happy New Year to Ray, Carol and You!!!

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    • Thanks Ellen. All the best to you for 2018, and I have lots of potential Saturday Post music already in mind. 2018 will also be the year that Benjamin gets to hear about so many adventures at Moonbeam Farm as “The Odessa Chronicles” is now in the publishing process (over 300 pages!) 🙂

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