Welcome 2018!

Do some of you ever think back to twenty or thirty years ago, and wonder how you actually made it to 2018? Well the good news is… you did, and I really appreciate the time and effort you must have put into being here now… and specifically for starting to read this Post!

So now you are here, I want to shamelessly promote my two books.

“Who Said I was up forΒ  Adoption?” covers the true story of how Ray (German Shepherd/Rottweiler X) adopted himself out of our local shelter and into my heart. Ray is my first dog, and the emotional roller coaster ride which followed is well documented. Unlike many dog books, the hero (Ray) is still very much alive today.


“Just Thinking” is really a book of poetry, but that sounds rather uninspiring (at least to me). I have never really been drawn to poetry because it was either too long and “drawn out”, or was so complex in structure that I could not get any “flow” going, or I quite simply did not understand it.

I have experimented with writing a very personal “brand” of poetry and, as a result of lots of support, “Just Thinking” was published. The pieces are, for the most part, quite short in length; have an easy structure, and relate to life in all its variety of experiences.


Whereas both books are available direct from Friesen Press, as well as amazon and all the other on-line book retailers, it is amazon.com which has accumulated the most reviews (for those of you who like to read reviews).

Finally, both books are published as non-profit ventures. The specifics are noted in each book, so if you did not get a good book for Christmas, or you want to treat somebody to a special post-Christmas gift…. either (or both) of the above links will take you to the right place!

27 thoughts on “Welcome 2018!

  1. Happy New Year, Colin and Ray! So glad to have come across your blog page and connected with you in 2017. Looking forward to 2018 to read and learn more from you!

    Quick question: What age-range would you say your book of poetry, “Just Thinking,” is best suited for?

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  2. For some strange reason I can’t post a comment using my tablet. So had to delay responding until I was in front of my PC. Just wanted to wish you all the luck with your poetry book and pass on how much I enjoyed Who Said I Was Up For Adoption! Happy New Year!

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    • Hi D. I believe that you are a new visitor (at least from my less than perfect memory!), so I hope that you had a look around while you were here. If you did not have the time, then please feel free to return and browse… relax… and perhaps contemplate life (or something less complex). You too have a wonderful New Year, and remember to use the experiences from past years to help make it so. πŸ™‚


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