Skeeta and Ray!

Skeeta and Ray could not be much more different… than being respectively a cat and a dog. They are also decades apart in their time in my life, and yet there is an inherent link between them.

Below: The only known photograph of dearest Skeeta, dated 1980.

Below: One of many photographs of dearest Ray, dated 2013 (Pre-adoption).

“Skeeta’s Legacy” is a poem in my book “Just Thinking”, and is one of many pieces that are emotional to me simply because of their personal nature.

Since “Just Thinking” was published, it has been so rewarding to hear of other people who also related at a personal level to some of the poems. My poetry is quite simple and it is based around my life experiences. In my belief that my experiences are probably not much different from yours, I hope you will give consideration to treating yourself to a copy, and you too may well be looking for the box of Kleenex at some points in the book!

18 thoughts on “Skeeta and Ray!

  1. Skeeta was a good looking cat. It’s odd to think how few pictures we have of things that happened when film was expensive. Then again, we actually had physical pictures. I wonder how many of today’s photos will survive, as opposed to when pictures were actually printed.

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  2. Skeeta was a beautiful cat.
    Yes, tissues would be a good thing to have handy when reading your book. That is why your book is so good. You share from the depths of your heart in a simple and honest way, touching the hearts of others.

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