“The Mary Ellen Carter”

In earlier Posts, I have mentioned that I used to frequent our local Folk Club (in 1960’s England) on a regular basis. I have always liked Folk music and, when I came to Canada, it was no surprise that once I had been introduced to the Folk music here (specifically Easy Coast music), I loved it.

For those of you not too familiar with our geography, not only does Canada have three coast lines but it also has the “Great Lakes” which truly are enormous. There is quite a history of ships being lost in storms on the lakes. Given our situation with water, it is not surprising that there are Folk songs which tell of nautical disasters (some true and some…. well… not so!) One of the wonderful things about this song “The Mary Ellen Carter” (and numerous other Folk songs) is that the story is turned into a life lesson.

I love this song, and the message it presents in the final verses! Enjoy!

14 thoughts on ““The Mary Ellen Carter”

  1. Stan Rogers was tragically lost to all Folk music lovers way to soon. Though his music lives on, there might have been so much more. His voice was so rich. You have chosen a favorite one, love the lyrics that contain a message filled with inspiration. Thank-you!

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  2. Thanks for expanding my rep knowledge of shipwreck songs…this one has a great instrumental accompianment and I too like the message!
    (I’m one of those whose sole shipwreck song has been Gordon Lightfoot’s rendition of ‘the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.’)

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      • Well .. I would definitely not wish you anything other than a good weekend. I suppose I could just wish you a weekend. Or … I could not mention weekends at all. If I ever mention the ‘W’ word to you ever again, then you have permission to shoot me. But only between Monday and Friday.

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