’tis the season….

… for boots! Dog boots!

Ray, no doubt like most (if not all) dogs, does not like wearing boots. Very understandable if you see it from his perspective. He has a perfectly good set of paws, each equipped with useful claws. Why would any dog want those features wrapped up in bags?

Sadly, our society insists on fighting nature at every opportunity. Our weapon of choice at this time of year is salt crystals or brine liquid and/or other chemicals. Much as Ray does not like wearing boots, he is also not too receptive to salt crystals getting stuck between his pads, or to the burning sensation of salt.

He can be a very smart dog at times, but he has yet to equate wearing boots with a trouble free (more or less) walk.Β  Like so many other negative experiences for Ray, the area of wearing boots has been addressed with treats but, in the case of boots, really… really good treats!

“I hope nobody I know sees me wearing these!”

Dog boots come in various styles. We have tried a few, and the most common problem was that while they protected his feet from salt and other irritants, they offered little if any traction. The ones in the photograph are virtually mini-balloons… but he can run in them without sliding all over the place and (we believe) there is some consolation to him in that he can feel the surface under his paws!

It’s a tough time of year for a dog living with humans in an urban environment, but at least its another opportunity for any enterprising dog to “work the treat program”. Ray certainly knows all about that!

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  1. Thanks, Colin, for this post and photograph of your handsome dog. I like seeing him model a set of paw protectors. Never used any as it doesn’t snow here. What nonsense that boots made for dogs have not been engineered for traction. ☹️

    What were they thinking?

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  2. I get the good treats when I have to wear my boots, too, R. And this winter, at our new apartment complex, I have had to wear them A LOT. Mine are red, but they look just like yours. They’re called Pawz. If I don’t wear them, I try to get Mom to carry me. Unsuccessful. I’m guessing you wouldn’t do much better getting your parents to carry you!

    Love and licks,

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  3. I’ve thought about buying dog boots but have held off because 1. we get little to no snow and 2. they are about $30 around here.What I didn’t think about were the two things you brought up – sliding and being able to feel the ground. I will definitely keep those factors in mind if I go ahead with a purchase. Thanks!

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    • Hi Amy. There are lots of choices, and $30.00 is typical for a pair of well made dog boots…. but the dog will dictate what works. Some it will simply kick off when you’re not looking! Those green ones that Ray is wearing are little more than rubber “sacks” and do not last very long. However, we get a pack of 12 for around $30.00.

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  4. A beautiful photo of one very handsome fella. Ray models those boots with great panache! My
    Daughter’s pal, Harley and my Son’s pal, Minell will wear any coat or sweater…but boots, never. The salt is not a problem here, as they use sand on our streets and we don’t use salt on the driveway. Many people are unaware of the dangers that rock salt, etc. presents our furry friends. Thank-you!

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  5. We have to be careful with Maggie on the sand for the same reasons. Today, she took herself down towards the water’s edge, passing what she thought was just a puddle left by the tide. Soon she was up to her belly and thoroughly enjoying herself. That water must have been freezing! We stopped her going into the sea though as chances are that was even colder!

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