“Crescent Moon”

“Crescent Moon” is a rather sad, and reflective, poem about a relationship that seems to have become little more than a dream. More thought provoking poems (about life in general) are in my book “Just Thinking”, available from Friesen Press, amazon.com, and all the usual on-line book retailers.

Crescent Moon


One day,

We’ll meet again

Footsteps …

I’ll hear your footsteps

And know that you’re there


Under starlight

Dreams we will share



One day,

We’ll meet again

Calling …

I hear you calling

A cry in the night


So many borders

Out of reach

Out of sight


When there were many clouds in my sky

And darkness hid the starry light from my eyes

You were there for me my dear friend

We’ll be together soon

Under a crescent moon



One day,

We’ll meet again

Dreaming …

I know I’m dreaming

Pretending you’re there


So much darkness

The night never ends

12 thoughts on ““Crescent Moon”

  1. Although it is not always easy but when we miss someone so strongly they may be actually closer than if they were standing right next to us. Missing someone shows how much that person means to us. Beautiful poem, Colin!

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