“The Weakness in Me”

A lovely song, by Joan Armatrading, about a complicated romantic situation.

I came across it many years ago, when a local library had a table set up in their entrance lobby to display (for sale) old audio cassettes. I cannot remember what the price was, but it was extremely low and well worth gambling on the content! The gamble paid off! Enjoy.

33 thoughts on ““The Weakness in Me”

  1. That is the way I like to hear songs. I thought it was well done, till I arrived at the midway part, and beyond. It became powerful, and full of emotion. It is one of the rare songs that the artist knows how to
    present it. Not merely spoken verses to a rhythm, but telling a story with melody.
    As someone else said, as if the was singing about herself.I have saved that so that I can share it with Michelle, and listen to it as I work in the office.

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    • So glad that you enjoyed it Ron. As you say, it was beautifully presented … and I love it! She does another great presentation of “Save Me”. If you get a chance, I think that you will like that one also. 🙂

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  2. This song brings back some memories from long ago of a complex situation. Not exactly as the song described but similar and while painful at the time, now I can look back and be glad things didn’t turn out the way I had wanted them to!

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