“Up Here in Heaven”

Chris de Burgh has recorded many wonderful and sensitive love songs, one of which was recently the focus of Erika Kind’s Post (https://erikakind.me/2018/01/23/romantictuesday-song-20/), but he has also recorded many “hard-hitting” songs which can really impact our social conscience. As a change of pace from my last three Saturday Posts, this song by Chris de Burgh is more driving … and has a relentless drum which holds everything together! Enjoy!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it. I have 12 of his albums. If you want to gamble on one, get either “This Way Up” (a lovely collection of songs), or “Moonfleet & Other Stories”. (“Moonfleet” is a very touching story in song”.


  1. Wow, what a song and together with the video it gave me goosebumps! I haven’t heard that song before and like all the songs I know of Chris De Burgh’s it is awesome in its complete arrangement and performance. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the mention too. I appreciate it a lot, dear friend!!

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